Who Is Hitman Jake?

Hitman Jake is an old-school Baltimore hitman, Jake Burton, who originally appeared in Preston Pairo’s legal thriller, Her Honor.

In his 50’s, Jake is struggling to keep up with all the changes in technology that make being a hitman so much trickier than when he started (and all he needed was a gun and some bullets).  Now, there are cameras and security systems and wifi and cellular signals, not to mention clients who want to pay in something called Bitcoins.  All of which makes Jake grouchy and has him working with a partner for the first time in his career: a Millennial hacker named Loiza Ely, whose inquisitive nature and Romanian gypsy heritage make for interesting conversation.

The Hitman Jake stories can be read in any sequence, but starting at the beginning will follow the timeline of Jake’s hits.  The Hitman Jake stories are works of fiction.  Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

The Wrong Lawyer – What happens when you don’t get the right lawyer?

The Easy Part – Sometimes where you kill them makes all the difference.

The Crazy Lawyer – What happens when a lawyer goes nuts?

You’re Not So Old – Jake travels to Palm Beach and learns an age-old lesson.

The Grator Gator Eliminator – Jake goes old school Miami.

The Best I Could Do – Often said, but is it true?

The Wrong Call – Can a baseball umpire’s errors alter history?

The Unmasked Man in Seat 12B – Let’s not agree to disagree.

Santa Cometh – Jake gets in the holiday spirit.