Heading to Substack

It’s peak travel season, and I’ve packed up the blog and am heading to Substack.  Maybe just for the summer.  Maybe longer.  Like any good adventure, I’m setting off not knowing exactly what I’m doing.

Substack is new to me.  But I like the concept.  It’s all free and it’s simple.  Any readers interested in my writing or being notified of my new books can subscribe to my quasi-eponymous Substack newsletter, PRESS, and receive emails from Substack whenever I post, which will probably only be once or twice a month.

Unlike Facebook/Meta and Instagram, Substack doesn’t pepper you with advertising or use algorithms to decide which posts you’ll see.  If you subscribe to PRESS, you’ll get what I post by email, nothing else.  Did I mention it’s free?  There’s no additional sign-ins, no new passwords.  And should you ever decide to unsubscribe it’s a simple mouse click, and we can still be friends.

Click the PRESS logo below if you’d like to take a look at Substack. You’ll be greeted with a subscription prompt for PRESS, which you can fill out or select “No thanks” which will take you to what content has been posted so far.