The OC Connection

Novelist's use of Ocean City locations spans a lifetime
In California, OC may mean Orange County, but once within driving distance of Maryland, OC means Ocean City, the Maryland beach resort that has enthralled tourists and locals alike for decades, turning a once sleepy coastal town into a year-round destination.

Lawyer and author, Preston Pairo, who spent summers as a kid in OC, has featured Ocean City and some of his favorite town landmarks, including Phillips', the Alaska Stand, and Marty's Playland, in many of his thirteen novels, beginning with THE CAPTAIN DROWNS (a locally published paperback which made the Mardelva News bestseller list), continuing into the fiery conclusion of THE ANGEL'S CRIME, and most recently in ONE DEAD JUDGE, the latest installment in Pairo's Ocean City Mystery series.

Originally published in hardcover, Pairo completely revised ONE DEAD JUDGE, which he describes as a satiric whodunit, for re-release as an eBook, which is now available exclusively at

Pairo's extended history with OC makes it a natural setting for his writing, even if he tends to view the beach with great nostalgia. 

From riding his first waves on a canvas surf mat as a kid to his wedding at St. Paul's By The Sea to his high school girlfriend twenty years later, Pairo has been charmed by Ocean City, and hopes his love of the town carries through in his novels, whether read on OC's sandy beaches or miles and miles away.

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How Can One Dead Judge Cause Such A Commotion?

Ah, summer.  Dallas Henry's favorite time of year-except for this week when the State Bar Association holds its annual convention in Dallas' beach town, and hundreds of his former legal brethren arrive like a red tide of litigating menace.

Dallas has been giving away free rooms at his one-star motel to keep any lawyers from checking in, but suddenly he has bigger problems.

Cranky Judge Crenshaw calls Dallas in the middle of the night and claims someone's trying to kill him, but won't say who he thinks it might be, or why.  Convinced the judge is attempting another of his infamous practical jokes, Dallas plays along, only the next day Crenshaw turns up dead and doughy prosecutor Brent Bannister claims Dallas' car was the murder weapon.

Then Dallas' old law school girlfriend shows up, followed by a TV advertising lawyer with bad hair plugs, a felon with bad aim, a bag of steamed crabs, someone digging holes in the judge's back yard, piles of deer pooh, the dead judge's reclusive ex-partner, a former courthouse worker who gets three pension checks, a real estate tycoon hell bent on building a new golf course, and a convention center full of lawyers who want to make Dallas "Attorney of The Year" for running over Judge Crenshaw.

Dallas' helpers, meanwhile, aren't helping.  Francophile Herbie's massive origami creation is taking over the motel's front desk.  Misdemeanant Dash is stealing limos from foreign diplomats.  And Susan still isn't the love of Dallas' life.

A humorous whodunit from the sunny beaches of Ocean City, Maryland, One Dead Judge is the perfect beach read.

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Note: This Ebook version of One Dead Judge contains extensive revisions from the hardback edition of the same title--so much so as to be an almost completely new book.